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Caleb Santiago Alvarado is a first-generation Mexican-American photographer, director & architect interested in the human condition within overlapping cultures & spaces.

Master of Architecture, Arizona State University - 2007

B. of Arts; Humanities: Focus in Architecture, Culture & Society Arizona State University - 2004


Phone// 602.476.4455/ 720.593.0699

This is what I believe… 

Vulnerability creates a new type of institution & process; a social service, an infrastructure that re-connects, re-prioritizes, re-imagines & re-organizes the community using existing resources found within the community. A community that based upon #authenticity & sustainability, in all aspects. In order to have true connection, resources must stop being exclusive to themselves and completely connect to other resources. 

My name is Caleb Santiago Alvarado. I am an architect turned photographer & storyteller. To be able to tell someone’s story, is an opportunity to connect and create community with that other person.

We are all human. We all experience emotions, regardless of race, religion, sexual & socio-economic statuses. 

In my thesis year of architecture school, I studied a semester in #Mexico City. In that amazing city, I realized that I was more interested in people, in storytelling, in how people connect with each other, rather than just beautiful building that means nothing if you cannot get people to connect in that space. 

Since then I have used photography & #cinematography to show human connection & the human condition. I want photographs that can tell a story without saying a word. Photographs that show that there is #beauty in everyone, not just what society generates what beauty is.

With that said, how do people become beautiful? It is simple, by being connected. By showing love. By helping others. By listening to others. By putting aside societies manufactured ideologies of what community is and embracing each other when someone needs help.