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Caleb Santiago Alvarado is former Architect that is now a portrait, documentary, lifestyle architecture & design photographer,  cinematographer, art director + Studio focusing work on the human element, condition and reflection through storytelling, design & thinking.

This is an exercise in Human Connection.

Master of Architecture, Arizona State University – 2007

B. of Arts; Humanities: Focus in Architecture, Culture & Society Arizona State University – 2004


Phone// 602.476.4455/ 720.593.0699



Portraits at the Barbershop - Jan 2017 - Present
This is a series, which is a cross section of the everyday people that go into different barbershops. There are walks of
life from all socio-economic-religious-sexual backgrounds. This is a cross section. I packed my camera, one profoto strobe and my rotalux and went to get a haircut at my parents barbershop in SouthPhoenix. I set up the lights outside
the shop and started to ask strangers if I could take their portrait. Real portraits. No makeup, no styling, just real people.
Almost everyone says yes. There is so much beauty in everyone. Not only a selected few. Its everyone. Here is to the beauty in people and their inner strength.

Men of Lace - Jan 2015 - Present
This is a personal series project that explores the idea that men regardless of the sexuality have a natural internal sense of femininity which allows them to be connected to the arts, sensitivity, emotions and themselves. Its a matter
of embracing it. It doesn’t make them any less of a man but makes them more complete as a human being and ignores societies gender categories.

Mariachi (Sin Nombre) - August 2017 - Present
I am currently working a small documentary that explores the culture of Mariachi and the People of Mexico.

El Pueblo - December 2017 - Present
I was asked to photograph members of the congregation of Phoenix Tabernacle, a non-denominational church in South Phoenix, AZ. This Series is called, “El Pueblo.” One of my personal goal is to create photographs that mean something. A deeper connection. I do not want to have disposable work. This is a continuation of my human connections project. A personal exercise in vulnerability in order to grow.


Houston Center for Photography - Exhibition (Portraits at the Barbershop) 2017

El Sagrado Gallery - Exhibition (Men of Lace) 2017

TEDx Talks Kids Phoenix - Inspiration; Human Connection, A Portrait Series 2014

Exploring the built & natural environment through photography & cinematography

CALEB ALVARADO Photography OWNER/ OPERATOR Portraits, beauty.

Arizona State University Design Excellence - School of Architecture - 2005, 2007